President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pointed out that in Mexico everyone’s freedom of expression. He reiterated that there is no authoritarian regime and that no one is censored. “We should be very proud of that,” he said.

The President reported that this month the purchase of six hospitals that in previous presidential administrations were concessioned to private companies could be finalized. The hospitals were concessioned under the public-private partnership scheme, for which millions of pesos of public resources are paid every year. He indicated that of the nine hospitals in this category, three already have purchase agreements in place.

The head of the Executive Branch is carrying out a supervisory tour of the country’s hospitals and health-care centers to evaluate the progress made in their functioning. The diagnosis will conclude on March 17. On March 21, the President will head up a meeting with governors in Oaxaca to evaluate the progress of IMSS Bienestar well-being program.

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According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INEGI), Mexicans are happier than ever, since the population’s mood in January 2024 is positive with a 6.6 rating, the highest level reported since 2015, when figures began to be tabulated for this item. Mexicans report an average of 8.4, on a scale of 10, for being satisfied with their lives. “The people are happy, happy, happy,” said the president.

According to the OECD, Mexico is second worldwide in terms of inexpensive cheapest prices, at 0.05 dollars per kilowatt hour. It is only behind South Korea, whose price is 0.03 dollars per kw/h, but surpasses Spain, Japan, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, and the United Kingdom, among others, in terms of inexpensive service.

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