Morning Presidential Press Conference – Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Regarding a Court ruling denying an arrest warrant against Genaro García Luna for illicit enrichment, President López Obrador declared that “the Judicial Branch is rotten” and is at the service of the economic and political power mafia.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed the appointment of Ruy López Ridaura as the new Deputy Minister of Health, replacing Hugo López-Gatell. The President also announced that next week he will announce who will replace Rocío Nahle as head of the Ministry of Energy.

Carlos Martínez Velázquez, director of the INFONAVIT housing agency, reported that during the current administration, 2.2 million loans were granted to Mexican families to begin or strengthen their patrimony. He also emphasized the actions taken that benefit the population such as the cancellation of massive legal proceedings for uncollected loans, portfolio sales, and macro auctions, in whcih foreclosured homes were sold at bargain basement prices and evictions carried out. Different policies have been implemented to allow for opportunities for loan payments and debt relief programs. Martínez said work is underway so that independent journalists can open an account to acquire a housing loan.


President López Obrador reported that agreements have already been reached between private hospitals and the Mexican Social Security System (IMSS). He indicated that purchasing the hospitals will mean savings and guarantee health-care for the poorest strata of the population. He said an improved public health system will be in place by March 2024.

President López Obrador made a commitment to deliver several work projects before the end of his administration, such as the Santa María reservoir in Sinaloa and the Palenque-Cancún section of the Maya Train. In November, the Oaxaca-Puerto Escondido highway will be inaugurated and Mexicana de Aviación will begin operations the same month. In December, the Isthmus Train and the Tulum Airport will be in operation. By March 2024 the complete Vallarta-Nayarit circuit will be inaugurated.

In Who’s Who in Lies it was reported that:

-It is false that a section of the Maya Train has collapsed. This occurred in in El Salvador. It is not the first time that government critics use incidents in other countries to try to deceive the public.

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-It is not true that the National Council of the Humanities, Sciences, and Technologies (CONAHCYT) has eliminated 95% of scholarships abroad as was reported. On the contrary, this year 13 billion pesos (US$720 million) have been invested in support of postgraduate research.

-Morelos State Attorney General Uriel Carmona is not being persecuted by the government. What has been documented is that he has covered up crimes and has obstructed investigations of several cases, including femicides.