Summary – Morning Presidential Press Conference – Wednesday, August 16, 2023

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the National Electoral Institute’s (INE) 2024 budget of almost 24 billion pesos (US$1.4 billion) is excessive. He indicated that the amount could be reduced by 10 billion pesos (US$580 million) so that the funds could be used to cover the needs of the population. He reiterated that he will send a reform bill to the legislature to reduce the electoral body’s funding.

The President reported that the more than 7,400 Mexicana de Aviación employees have already begun to receive payments resulting from the government’s 815 million peso (US$47.82 million)  purchase of the company name.

On September 14, President López Obrador will inaugurate the first stage of the Mexico-Toluca train line. That same day he will meet with Delfina Gómez, who will be sworn in as Governor of the State of Mexico.

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President López Obrador announced that he will meet with the federal cabinet and governors of the southeastern states to address the issue of migration, in light of an increase in migratory flows. At the meeting, the improvement of shelters and a strategy to inform migrants on how they can apply for visas to the United States from their countries of origin will be discussed.

In the Section Who’s Who in Lies, it was reported that:

  • It is not true that the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) has awarded contract to a ghost company for 1.10 billion pesos (US$64.54 million). The company notified its change of address and has been registered since 2006.
  • Of 14,457 news articles published between August 10 and 14, only 12% (1,745) discussed the results of the Coneval report revealing the historic achievement of a reduction in poverty and inequality in Mexico. Most picked up the report, but to falsely highlight an alleged decrease in access to health services. The survey result is misleading because it was based on a question about affiliation to the Seguro Popular or INSABI health programs and not about access to free medical services that 99.6% of respondents do receive.
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