The Ministry of Wellbeing and the Teleton Foundation signed a collaboration agreement to create the Center for Inclusion and Wellbeing for People with Disabilities in Mexico City. The National Council of Science and Technology agreed to develop customized ergonomic chairs and seats for people with disabilities.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador emphasized that the material extraction plant in Calica, Quintana Roo, is violating legislation and affecting water levels. He emphasized that the USMCA includes a clause that requires governments to protect the environment and therefore he will not allow the exploitation to continue until the case is resolved and there is the possibility of converting the zone into a natural protected area.

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President López Obrador argued that there is no polarization in Mexico because “the majority is supporting the transformation”. He showed the Morning Consult survey, which places him as the second best rated president in the world, with 70% approval. He emphasized that in Mexico the right to dissent is guaranteed.

López Obrador announced that a group of legislators from the conservative bloc intends to file a constitutional challenge or injunctions against the elimination of the 13 judicial branch trusts. He called on constitutional specialists to analyze whether this action “violates the constitutional order and affects the division and balance of powers.”

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Minister of Wellbeing Ariadna Montiel announced that more than 1.30 million people with disabilities currently receive a pension, which represents an investment of almost 26.58 billion pesos (US$1.46 billion). She emphasized that this pension is universal in 22 of the country’s states.