President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated that corruption is what has most damaged the country. It is the main cause of inequality, “that is why it must be eradicated. This is the key for our country to continue to grow; to continue to have well-being for our people. If corruption returns, there is no way out,” he stressed. Currently, the fight against corruption saves one trillion pesos (US$55.62 billion) annually, which can be earmarked to programs such as the Well-Being Pension.

López Obrador emphasized that his government is distributing wealth and income. 90% of Mexicans directly receive part of the 9 trillion pesos (US$500.66 billion) from the annual budget, while the 10% who do not directly receive such resources benefit because there is no consumption crisis or unemployment in the country. “The goal has to be well-being,” he said.

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The head of the Executive Branch declared that he is in favor of modifying the Judicial Reform proposal if it will improve it. “If it is to correct (it), then let’s do it,” he said, while recalling that it is a legislative proposal aimed at preventing judges and justices from being an instrument of the interests of organized and white-collar crime.

From 2019 to 2024, the Financiera para el Bienestar autonomous government financial institution has provided more than 2.8 million unsecured loans, rotating savings and credit association credits, and solidarity credits for almost 46.27 billion pesos (US$2.57 billion). In addition, Finaben has a remittance service that has allowed Mexican nationals in the United States to send US$10.4 million to their families in Mexico.

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President López Obrador welcomed the results of the legislative elections in France, where the New Popular Front came in first place. “The peoples of the world are in favor of freedom, fraternity, and equality,” he emphasized.