President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented a balance sheet of his administration and emphasized that the most satisfactory aspect of these five years in office is the reduction of poverty and inequality in the country. He recalled that meeting this goal has been possible because everyone is attended to, but preference is given to the most needy, and no privileges are allowed.

The President might issue a decree to continue the financial support program for journalists who do not have social security. He will also send a package of constitutional reforms so that the stipend for senior citizens will be granted from the age of 65 and the stipend for people with disabilities will be universal.

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On December 27, the Mexican government will provide a detailed explanation of the methodology it uses to search for missing persons and will present a report on the progress made to date.

Today, President López Obrador will inaugurate the first stage of the Healthy Water Program for La Laguna, which will replace water from wells with a high concentration of arsenic with surface sources, using 200 million cubic meters of water from the Nazas River to supply four municipalities in Durango and five in Coahuila. The project has an investment of over 14.79 billion pesos (US$866.74 million).

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The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications, and Transportation is investing more than 225.01 billion pesos (US$13.18 billion) in a Highway Plan that will expand the nation’s road network by 8,115 kilometers. The plan is 82% complete and 551 work projects are expected to be finished in 2024.