President Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated that the meeting he had yesterday with senior US officials was very good. He explained that they discussed the migratory question and trade. With this in mind, they agreed not to close border crossings and bridges, as well as to maintain the programs that address the root causes of migration.

Tomorrow, the Super Farmacia will be inaugurated. It will supply hospitals, health-care centers, and clinics throughout the country in less than 24 hours. The company will be operated by Birmex, and located in Huehuetoca, State of Mexico. It already has all the medicines required. “Once and for all, I say to my adversaries that if giving free medicines to the poor is being populist, they should put me on the list,” the President said.

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The President reported that on December 27 there were no homicides in 17 states; a total of 47 murders were registered, concentrated in the State of Mexico (10) and Baja California (6).

The Mexican government has delivered 12 billion pesos (US$700 million) for the reconstruction of housing and premises destroyed by Hurricane Otis, in Guerrero. “We are moving forward […] we congratulate (the victims) because even in the face of misfortune they are rehabilitating their homes with great enthusiasm,” the President said.

In 2024 there will be no tax increase in real terms, no hikes in gasoline, diesel and electricity prices, and the anti-inflationary program to keep the prices of the basic food basket low will continue.

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President López Obrador listed his wishes for 2024:

-That people be very happy, that they not suffer; that we live in peace.

-That we have the same growth rate; that jobs continue to be created.

-That we continue to reduce poverty.