President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured truck drivers who are demanding more security on the country’s highways that his administration is committed to protecting them. The National Guard proposed assigning 600 of its members to the surveillance operations. The President charged that opposition leaders have politicized the security issue with the upcoming elections in mind.

The President announced that a specialist in social networks will attend the morning press conference to explain how disinformation campaigns work. He said it is very important to know how manipulation functions. “The control of the oligarchies in the world not only takes place through money or bayonets, it occurs with the media; they can turn a lie into the truth,” he explained.

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The Acapulco Reconstruction Plan has invested over 28.46 billion pesos (US$1.66 billion) in assistance for the victims and the recovery of the areas affected by Hurricane Otis. In addition, 190,750 packages of household goods have been delivered and more than 290,000 homes have been rebuilt. The suspension of electricity payments will be extended until July. The reconstruction plan will not stop due to ban on many such activities during the election campaign period; work projects and financial assistance will continue.

Guerrero Governor Evelyn Salgado reported that 167 hotels are now functioning with 7,110 rooms available. It is projected that by the end of the first quarter of 2024, Acapulco will receive tourism revenue of almost 4.34 billion pesos (US$254 million).

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President López Obrador delivered four housing certificates to families from Guerrero who rebuilt their homes with financial assistance from the federal government.