President Andrés Manuel López Obrador explained that one of the main reasons why the people of Mexico support the transformation movement is because they realized that corruption prevented prosperity from being shared, and that public funds always wound up in the hands of the upper echelons.

The state companies belonging to the people are no longer given away to those close to the circles of power, President López Obrador said, recalling that the practices of Carlos Salinas, when he handed over banks, companies, and goods belonging to the people to his friends, are a thing of the past.

Today, June 13, President López Obrador will evaluate the reconstruction program in Acapulco, Guerrero, and will make a complete review of the aid delivered to the families affected by Hurricane Otis.

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Minister of Well-Being Ariadna Montiel announced that the payment of pensions and Well-Being program stipends corresponding to July-August will be made between July 1 and 31, benefiting over 14.43 million recipients.

According to the Minister of Labor Martha Bolaños, the Youth Building the Future program benefits over 274,000 young people in 2024, for which there is a budget of 24.20 billion pesos (US$1.3 billion). Since 2019, this program has invested more than 127 billion pesos (US$6.83 billion) in providing opportunities for youth who do not study or work. “After calling them “ninis”, now the young person who had no opportunities for work or study, is given employment as an apprentice,” President López Obrador explained.

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From June 12 to July 4, the Tianguis del Bienestar fair will be held in 17 municipalities in Tamaulipas. It is projected to benefit 48,474 families, who will receive goods confiscated from organized crime.