President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the ruling by the National Electoral Commission (INE) Complaints Commission ordering that the interview he gave to journalist Inna Afinogenova be removed from the social networks was an act of censorship.

President López Obrador made it clear that his administration will not make the same mistake as occurred in the past of supporting any U.S. presidential candidate. He pointed out that this decision is only up to the citizens of that country. “We only reserve the right to challenge (such candidates) when they disrespect the people of Mexico,” he said.

Following the Supreme Court (SCJN) ruling granting an injunction to Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s company Totalplay to avoid paying taxes, President López Obrador clarified that it is not about the more than 20 billion pesos (US$1.19 billion) in taxes owed by the companies of the owner of TV Azteca, as the matter is still in the courts. The justices’ decision was a partial victory, since of the 2.30 billion pesos (US$130 million) owed, 1.70 billion pesos (US$100 million) will have to be paid.

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Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar Avila announced that the state will investment US$1.3 billion for the construction of three combined cycle plants for the generation of electric energy. The state will be interconnected with the entire electrical system because previously there was no link with the national network.

Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) General Director Manuel Bartlett listed the energy infrastructure work projects underway in Baja California:

-Construction of high voltage line from the Sonora solar energy park to Baja California.

-Interconnection with the National Electric Energy System.

Construction of five electric power plants: 1 aero-derivative plant; 1 internal combustion plant, and 3 combined cycle plants.

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-Construction of a high voltage line that will transmit electric energy from Mexicali to the center of the country.

With the Program for the Regularization of Vehicles of Foreign Origin, over 2.13 million motor vehicles have been regularized in 17 states in the country. This has generated an income of over 5.34 billion pesos (US$320.21 million), which have been used to pave streets in the benefited states.