The head of the Ministry of the Interior, Luisa Alcalde, charged that the Supreme Court (SCJN) in proposing the elimination of Preventive Detention, is exceeding its powers, as it intends to annul a constitutional provision, when only Congress has the authority to do so. The SCJN’s decision could result in the release of 68,000 suspected criminals.

Minister of Security and Citizen Protection Rosa Icela Rodríguez reported that in March 2024, federal crimes were down 28.2%, compared to December 2018 levels. Intentional homicide declined 21.4% in March, with regard to December 2018.

The protection program for candidates has approved 273 requests, however 23 others were rejected by the candidates themselves.

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From May 6 to 20, voting in this year’s elections will be held in federal and state penitentiaries. A total of 31,121 inmates who complied with the requirements established by the National Electoral Institute (INE) will be able to cast ballots.

The Mexican President recalled that, as part of the Pension Reform, the creation of a compensatory fund is being contemplated so that workers who retire receive 100% of their salary.

President López Obrador regretted the death of journalist Mario Menéndez, founder of the newspaper “Por Esto!”, who died on April 16 at the age of 87. The President sent his condolences to the journalist’s family and friends and highlighted that during his career, Menéndez always opened spaces for the Transformation movement.

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