President López Obrador charged that the US State Department report on the status of human rights in others countries flagrantly violates international law and the independence and sovereignty of peoples by intervening without any basis in the internal affairs of other nations.

The Institute for Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) Transformation project has enabled the construction of six new medical units, with an investment of over 12.57 billion pesos (US$735 million). A total of 6,472 health-care workers have been hired to work in these medical centers. In addition, almost 1.88 billion pesos (US$109.77 million) have been recovered with the program to combat corruption and 800 public servants and suppliers have been sanctioned.

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In the Who’s Who in Lies segment:

-The media and commentators were exposed for creating a news item from a meme. In 3 days, they published 110 articles about a T-shirt published in social networks.

-It is not true that Russia will increase tariffs on beer imports from Mexico.

-A campaign of lies against the Pension Reform was exposed. From April 8 to 22, 1,954 articles or reports were published. The latest opposition effort uses the same modus operandi as the #NarcoPresidente campaign.

-The dirty campaign #NarcoPresidente has generated more than 170.6 million posts to attack the Mexican president. 420,000 accounts have interacted with the hashtag, but only 1.4% are real accounts.

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