President Andrés Manuel López Obrador emphasized that, according to the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy, labor poverty in Mexico decreased to 35.8% in the first quarter of 2024, which represents a 1.9% reduction with respect to the first quarter of 2023. “Labor poverty in Mexico was reduced as had never before been the case in many, many years, since records were first kept,” he highlighted.

According to the latest El Heraldo poll, President López Obrador has a nationwide approval rating of 69%.

The President criticized opposition legislators for filing a writ of unconstitutionality against the Pension Reform. This legislation ensures that workers will receive their full salary as a pension at the time of retirement, with contributions from the Pension Fund for Well-Being. He denied that the reform “steals” money from the Pension Fund Managers (Afores).

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The Morning Presidential Press Conference will be suspended on May 30 and 31 due to the prohibition against electioneering in the three days before the election.

In the Who’s Who is Lies segment it was reported that:

It is false that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) under-invests in work projects, causing blackouts. The CFE invested over US$19.97 billion dollars in electric power generation and transmission projects and covers demand sufficiently and reliably.

-It is not true that the 2024 elections will be the most violent in the country’s recent history. The 2006 and 2012 elections were the most violent.

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-The #NarcoPresidente slander campaign has lasted more than 17 weeks, in which 32.5 million posts have been generated against the Mexican president. More than 95% of the accounts that publish such posts are bots.