On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of his taking office, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that a historic agreement was reached with the labor and business sectors to increase the minimum wage by 20%, effective January 1, 2024. The President thanked the unions for the consensus that was reached. “This is historic because it means that we are going to fulfill what we offered at the beginning of our administration, to double the minimum wage, in real terms,” he explained. The minimum wage will have risen from 2,687 pesos (US$155.73) per month in 2018 to 7,508 pesos (US$435.15) by 2024.

Starting today, Tulum’s Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport will begin operations with five daily flights: three by VivaAerobus and two by Aeromexico. International flights will begin on March 28. It will have a capacity for handling 5.5 million passengers per year.

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President López Obrador reported that he has already sent the new list of proposed candidates to fill the vacancy of a Supreme Court SCJN) justice. The list is comprised of Eréndira Cruz Villegas, Head of the Legal Affairs Unit of the Ministry of Culture; Lenia Batres Guadarrama, legislation advisor; and Bertha Alcalde Luján, Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks board member.

The President called for resolving the political conflict in Nuevo Leon. However, he ruled out that there is a risk of ungovernability. He said that if local officials request the support of his government, it would intervene prioritizing the population’s welfare. “It is a confrontation between two positions, two groups,” the President said, while pointing out that the conservative block was upset with current governor and Citizen Movement presidential hopeful Samuel Garcia, who wanted to appoint his successor in lieu of his resigning to run for office, for not adhering to its electoral coalition.

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The President hailed the release of Mexican national Ilana Gritzewsky, who was being held in Gaza by Hamas. He thanked those who participated in mediating for the safe return of the young woman and said that work continues for the release of another young hostage.