President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recalled that today, six years ago, the people of Mexico initiated the process of transformation of the country’s political life. “Following (electoral) frauds and several attempts (at winning at the polls), the victory of the transformation movement was achieved and we took office as President,” he explained.

The head of the Executive Branch emphasized that what has been achieved in his administration has been a true feat: corruption has been fought as never before, the peso was not devalued, and poverty was reduced.

According to the latest El Financiero poll, President López Obrador’s approval rating is 66% nationwide.

López Obrador emphasized that he was very pleased because a month ago Mexicans ratified their support for the Fourth Transformation movement by electing Claudia Sheinbaum as the country’s next president. “(She) will guarantee that there will be no setbacks, but rather development with progress and justice.” In addition, the President indicated that wealth will be generated and fairly distributed, so that it reaches everyone, but with preference for the poorest strata of the population.

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President López Obrador explained that there has never been such an orderly and fraternal transition of government as the one currently taking place with Claudia Sheinbaum.

As of today, the Pension Fund for Well-Being will begin operating. It will start with an initial investment of over 44.89 billion pesos (US$2.44 billion), for the payment of supplementary pensions, so that retired workers with pensions of less than 16,777 pesos (US$910.80) can receive 100% of the income they had earned as active workers. President López Obrador delivered the first four supplementary allocations.

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President López Obrador reported that the Escárcega – Tulum section of the Maya Train will be inaugurated in August. Between September 7 and 8, the entire circuit of this mega project will be completed.