Summary – Morning Presidential Press Conference – Thursday, August 23, 2023

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described as gross manipulation, lies, and disgraceful the campaign undertaken yesterday by the media to accuse him, without any basis, of having mocked the misfortune of the young people missing in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. The President said that conservatives and the sell-out press are capable of anything, but he has principles and ideals and has never mocked the pain of others. Regarding the case, he indicated that the investigation is progressing in the hands of the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, with the help of federal authorities.

Morning Consult’s weekly survey places President López Obrador as the third best evaluated president in the world, with a 63% approval rating. “People trust us; they can invent anything and it means nothing because we have a very conscious people. We resist for the people,” he said.

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Within the framework of the electoral process in Argentina, where the ultra-right won in the primaries, President López Obrador reiterated that conservatism is contrary to social justice and that the right wing does not care about the people, because it only governs for a minority. In this regard, he denounced the conservatives of Argentina who deliberately plunged the country into debt because they wanted Macri to be reelected.

The President denied that Sergio Ayala Salvio has been appointed as the new head of Petróleos Mexicanos. He exhibited the letter that allegedly announced the appointment, but clarified that it is a fake, as is his signature on it.