President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pointed out that the dirty campaigns against him have not worked and emphasized that, on the contrary, he maintains high approval ratings (63%), which his adversaries do not enjoy. He said that his opponents claim he is responsible for their lack of support. “Don’t blame me; they didn’t know how to do their job,” the President said.

President López Obrador denounced a new act of censorship by the National Electoral Institute (INE), given that it has prevented him from discussing the corrupt oligarchy. “You are going to help me find a synonym; it could be mafia of power or corrupt conservatism,” he said. He also charged that the INE is preventing him from inviting Mexicans to exercise their right to vote. “I can’t even call on them to get out and vote,” he complained.

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The Mexican President said that the “Equity in the Media: Pending Agenda” ad placed in the media is incredible and Kafkaesque. He explained that there is no pressure against anyone and denied that his administration has requested the dismissal of any journalist. He reiterated his respect for everyone’s freedom of expression.

The Mexican government is investigating the derailment of a train car of the Mayan Train to determine if it was intentional or an error on the part of those responsible for operation and upkeep of the tracks.

The head of the Executive Branch explained that the repatriation program for Venezuelan nationals, which provides US$110 for 6 months, is aimed at protecting migrants who run many risks. “We are absolutely certain that if the people are supported in their places of origin, the migratory flow will be considerably reduced,” he said. The agreement was also signed with Colombia and Ecuador.

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