President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned about two disinformation campaigns that seek to affect his government:

-One of the campaigns falsely claims that public insecurity has increased, even though numbers from the National Statistics Institute (INEGI) indicate that the public perception of insecurity is the lowest in 10 years and intentional homicides are down 20%, compared to the period of Peña Nieto’s presidential administration.

-The opposition charges, without evidence, that a dictatorship is being established. Never before have the media had as much freedom as today.

The head of the Executive Branch recalled that in March 2011, the owners of the different media outlets and commentators signed the Agreement for the Coverage of Violence, which limited the coverage of criminal acts. That was the year that registered the record fatality rate with 1,412 deaths.

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President López Obrador highlighted the participation of the Ministry of the Navy in strategic projects and actions for the country’s development, such as the management of ports and airports to prevent organized crime from operating in them. The Ministry is also in charge of the Inter-Oceanic Corridor, the Islas Marías integral tourism company, attending to the problem of sargasso, and undertaking operations involving migration.

In the Who’s who in Lies it was reported that:

-The article in El Norte has been debunked. It is not true that the National Water Commission (Conagua) has stopped operating the fifth pumping station of the El Cuchillo II plant. It is in operation and supplies the Monterrey Metropolitan Area with 4,700 liters of water per second.

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-It is not true that there are deficiencies and shortages in the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) network due to the cold wave.

-The media campaign that blamed President López Obrador for news anchor and journalist Azucena Uresti’s departure from Milenio was exposed.