President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that at the end of his term of office he will be proud to say that his government did not repress anyone, did not order the disappearance of anyone, did not torture anyone, did not massacre anyone, and did not silence anyone.

The head of the Executive Branch denounced intellectuals aligned with the opposition who seek to recover the economic benefits granted to them by the previous neoliberal governments. He recalled a saying about such individuals: “There is only one feeling greater than the love of privileges: the hatred of those who take them away.”

President López Obrador recommended that whoever replaces him in office should protect the country’s natural resources so that they are not destroyed. With this in mind, he called on his successor to not to leave water management to market forces; to not grant concessions for open-pit mining, and to develop an urban development plan in each municipality that does not involve the construction of buildings where there are no public services.

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The President described the media handling of the killing of Emiliano, a young boy in Paraíso, Tabasco as shameful and immoral. “That is not what really concerns and hurts them; what are involved (for them) are economic and political interests; it is human misery,” he pointed out.

President Lopez Obrador confirmed that yesterday the body of Franco-Mexican Orion Hernandez, who had been taken hostage by the Palestinian extremist group Hamas on Israeli soil in October 2023, was located in the Gaza Strip. “I am sending a warm embrace to his family,” the president said.

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