“The vote is the only weapon the people have to make things change for their benefit,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as he called on citizens to denounce vote buying and electoral fraud. “We must not sell dignity, we must not sell the future of the new generations,” he stressed.

With a week to go before the elections, President López Obrador expressed his confidence that the transformation will continue in order to keep cleansing the country of corruption. “Mexico’s problem is not the lack of budget, Mexico’s problem was the corruption that prevailed,” he explained.

The President reiterated that there is political stability in Mexico. He indicated that the dirty campaign that has been promoted to raise the specter of violence in the country, in the context of the elections, has had no impact. Rating agencies such as JP Morgan indicate that since the 1970’s we have not seen as much stability as there is now.

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In the context of the upcoming elections in Spain, President López Obrador wished the progressive forces well in order to defend the people and just causes. He recalled that there used to be simulation of extremists and that they made the mistake of undermining the welfare state. “Hopefully they will do well, because otherwise there is no way out for Europe. Conservative economic policy is not an option. There is no choice but to fight for a transformation,” he explained.