From Oaxaca

In response to Texas SB4, the law that criminalizes undocumented migrants, Minister of Foreign Relations Alicia Bárcena indicated that Mexico is acting very firmly and will do everything possible to stop this unjust and discriminatory legislation, which is also highly unconstitutional, from taking effect, given that immigration is a federal matter. In order to address any problems arising from this law, a legal support system has been set up in the 11 Mexican consulates in Texas.

President López Obrador indicated that he is awaiting the response of the parents of the missing Ayotzinapa students, to whom he proposed a meeting without their lawyers and advisors, to present them with a progress report on the investigation. “I want to give them information that, I am sure, has not been provided to them by their lawyers,” the President said. He reiterated that there are individuals who do not want justice to be done and live by administering conflicts; they take advantage of human pain.

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Within the framework of President López Obrador’s meeting with the governors of the 23 states where the IMSS Bienestar health-care program is already being implemented, he reiterated that the “most serious damage caused by the neoliberals is that we do not have the doctors and specialists that the country requires.” To address this problem, during the current administration, the number of medical specialists was doubled.

The Mexican government is attending 26 active fires in eight states around the country, with the support of 734 officials from different agencies and five helicopters.

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