Summary – Morning Presidential Press Conference – Thursday, September 7, 2023

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador emphasized that Morena’s internal process through which Claudia Sheinbaum was elected as the Coordinator for the Defense of the Transformation was a democratic and unprecedented exercise that showed that the president no longer decides his successor, but listens to the will of the people. “The dedazo (the term used to convey that it is a top elected official who designates his or her successor) is over. I know Claudia very well and I am very much at peace with myself because I know that she is a guarantee that the transformation will continue. She is an honest woman, with principles, ideals, prepared, and experienced,” the President said.

After Marcelo Ebrard expressed his disagreement with Morena’s internal process and asked for re-doing the opinion polls, the President ruled out that this would happen, since it was a transparent exercise not weighted in favor of any contender. In this context, the President expressed his confidence that the former Minister of Foreign Relations would decide to support the transformation and put the people’s best interests first. He reaffirmed that Ebrard is a good person, leader, and public servant, so he asked everyone to wait for his decision, since he is free to take the course he deems most advisable.

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President López Obrador will hand over the Baton of Authority to Claudia Sheinbaum this afternoon-evening, in an event outside the National Palace. The President explained that, as of tomorrow, he will no longer intervene in any decision having to do with the transformation movement. “I am now fully focused on continuing to consolidate the Bienestar programs, to finish the work projects, to continue governing for everyone,” he said.

On September 8, the Mexican government will send the proposal for the Federal Spending Budget for fiscal year 2024 to the Chamber of Deputies. It will guarantee financial resources for the Well-Being programs, including the 25% rise in the stipend for senior citizens; increases for teachers’ and health-care sector workers’ salaries; as well as the necessary budget to conclude major work projects.

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked U.S. authorities for their support and acknowledged the decision of a District Judge who yesterday ordered the Texas state government to remove the giant buoys it placed in the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from crossing the river.