Today a ceremony will be held formalizing the nationalization of the 13 electric power plants that the Mexican Government acquired from the Spanish company Iberdrola for close to U$6 billion.

The constitutional reforms on austerity and salaries, proposed by President López Obrador, seek to:

-Establish the principle of republican austerity so that public resources are managed and spent responsibly.

-Prohibit private retirement schemes, pensions, savings funds, life insurance, etc., that are paid for with public resources.

-Prohibit public servants from earning more than the country’s President. Currently more than 2,500 civil servants violate the law.

The reform to eliminate the autonomous agencies seeks to:

-Eradicate the duplication of functions between public agencies and government divisions.

-Eliminate seven “autonomous” or regulatory bodies such as National Institute for Access to Information (INAI), Federal Commission on Economic Competition (COFECE), Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), National Hydrocarbon Commission (CNH), National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policies (CONVEVAL), and National Commission for the Continuous Improvement of Education (MEJOREDU).

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-Eliminate 17 decentralized federal agencies that will become part of the government divisions responsible for each sector, respecting the rights of their workers.

-The savings will be earmarked to the Well-Being Pension Fund.

A study of social networks published by the daily Milenio showed that to create the hashtag #NarcoPresidenteAMLO bots were bought in Argentina because they were cheaper there.

According to the latest Morning Consult survey, President López Obrador is the second best appraised president in the world with a 65% approval rating. A domestic survey gives him an average 77% approval rating. In states such as Tlaxcala, Nuevo León, Coahuila, Yucatán, Guerrero, his approval ratings ranges from 80% to 86%.

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The IMSS Bienestar well-being program has formalized the employment status of 25,062 health-care workers in 16 states. The goal is to hire 36,796 workers. It has also invested almost 7.26 billion pesos (US$425.59 million) in infrastructure and equipment in 6,611 Health-Care Centers, which are the first level medical facilities.

During March, May, and June, President López Obrador will tour the country to supervise the work projects in progress and ensure that they are all completed during the current administration.