In view of the results of the opinion poll on the judicial reform, which showed that Mexicans are in favor of the popular election of judges and justices, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador emphasized that the population is very interested in participating and being taken into account. “The people of Mexico want participatory democracy, not just representative democracy,” he said.

President López Obrador rejected the economic growth estimate made by the International Monetary Fund for Mexico, which indicated that the Argentine economy would outperform Mexico’s. The President reiterated that Mexico applies an economic policy in accordance with the country’s reality, unlike the model projected by the IMF, which does not contemplate the fight against corruption and poverty.

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The President thanked legislators for their support in the country’s Transformation process, as he acknowledged that without the congressional deputies and senators it would not have been possible to move forward. He said that he could meet with the recently elected representatives to exchange points of view, given the beginning of the next legislative session.

President López Obrador welcomed the decision of the U.S. government to expand the channels for regularizing the situation of undocumented immigrants. “We have been insisting on regularizing the situation of Mexicans who have been working honestly in the United States for years and have not been given justice. Even though the move is partial, it is a step forward and I am pleased that President Biden is doing it,” he said.

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With the The Clinic is Ours program, 11,692 health-care centers will receive more than 5 billion pesos (US$270 million) to improve their infrastructure and equipment. To date, resources have been provided to 11,112 medical units, which represents 95 percent progress in relation to the original goal.