Summary – Morning Presidential Press Conference – Tuesday, September 26, 2023

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he will release all the recordings provided by the U.S. government related to the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa teacher training college students. These recordings will be available on the official website of the Mexican federal government.


The President reported that by March 2024, about 14,000 clinics and 700 hospitals will be providing medical attention and pharmaceuticals free of charge, thanks to the IMSS-BIENESTAR program.


Zoe Robledo, General Director of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported that the IMSS-BIENESTAR program already operates in 23 of the country’s 32 states, serving 53.2 million people who are not enrolled in the social security system, which is equivalent to 80% of this population segment.

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The President confirmed the release of the mayor of Cotija, Michoacán, Yolanda Sánchez Figueroa, who was kidnapped on September 23 in Guadalajara. The mayor was rescued by the National Guard when they intercepted a bus in Villamar, and is currently being escorted back to Cotija.


The Chief Executive highlighted that only 600 million pesos (US$34.28 million) are currently being spent by the President’s office, in contrast to previous governments that allocated 3.60 billion pesos (US$205 million) to the Presidency. The savings exceeds one billion pesos (US$57 million) and the resources are being earmarked for well-being programs and essential projects. “There cannot be a rich government in a country with a poor people,” the President explained.

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