President López Obrador reiterated that democracy is the best political system of government, as it is synonymous with justice. He pointed out that opposition is indeed necessary, when it is serious, responsible, and consistent. However, what exists today in Mexico is a block that is only dedicated to launching attacks without evidence of its claims. “As long as they continue thinking that the people are masochists, that they do not know anything, that they are stupid […] they will not be able to form a true opposition,” the President commented.

Minister of the Interior Luisa María Alcalde report that the National Electoral Institute’s (INE) Preliminary Electoral Results Program has concluded. It indicated that voter turnout on June 2 was 60.92% (59,987,000 votes). The presidential election results were as follows: 59.35% for Claudia Sheinbaum, 27.90% for Xóchitl Gálvez, and 10.41% for Jorge Álvarez Máynez. Today the rapid tallies begin in the district election boards and will end on Saturday, June 8.

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After his phone call with his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden, President López Obrador reported that the U.S. government will construct three new border bridges in Texas, which will help economic and commercial development in the region.

Allocation of funds for The Clinic is Ours program by state (second disbursement):

-Mexico City: 154 million pesos (US$8.78 million) for 212 health-care centers.

-State of Mexico: 648.8 million pesos (US$37.01 million) for 1,074 health-care centers.

-Morelos: 120 million pesos (US$6.84 million) for 204 health-care centers.

-Puebla: 429.2 million pesos (US$22.48 million) for 895 health-care centers.

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-Tlaxcala: 88.9 million pesos (US$5.07 million) for 179 health-care centers.

-Hidalgo: 326.2 million pesos (US$18.61 million) for 700 health-care centers.

-Nayarit: 137 million pesos (US$7.81 million) for 280 health-care centers.

-Colima: 59.4 million pesos (US$3.38 million) for 118 health-care centers.

President López Obrador lamented the death of Senator-elect Rosalinda López Hernández, sister of former Minister of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, and wife of Chiapas Governor.