Summary – Morning Presidential Press Conference – Wednesday, September 20, 2023

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will meet with the parents of the disappeared Ayotzinapa teacher college students to inform them of progress in the case. He ruled out a break with them. The President questioned the human rights organizations, saying “What about the generals, army officers, soldiers, a prosecutor, and 120 suspects detained for the crime of forced disappearance?” He denied that the army has not turned over information and pointed out that it was the Independent Experts’ Group (GEI) that made the decision to withdraw from the case.

The President pointed out that the extradition of Ovidio Guzmán was totally legal and in accordance with the law. He indicated that the Federal Attorney General’s Office is the body that defines the terms and timeframes of these extradition requests. 

The President rejected Morena’s proposal that the former presidents be given an honorary seat in the Senate. He reiterated that when his term of office ends, he will definitively retire from political life. The President also hailed the election of Celia Maya as new Judiciary council member.

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President López Obrador charged that Morelos Attorney General Uriel Carmona, accused of torture, is being protected by the majority of the Supreme Court justices. Given this situation, the President reaffirmed his interest in reforming the Judicial Branch so that justices and judges are elected by the population.

In the section “Who’s Who in the Lies” it was reported that:

Critics seek to discredit the launching of the “El Cuchillo” aqueduct by pointing out that water had not yet reached Monterrey. In this regard, it was reported that it could take up to 10 days to fill the aqueduct. So far, 52 km of its 90 km have been completed.

The public debt will not increase. The Treasury has proposed a deficit of 5.4% of GDP in the proposed 2024 Federal Expenditures Budget, 72% less than what was used in the Bank Rescue Program (Fobaproa). Mexico’s public debt is one of the lowest in North America and Latin America.

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There will be no new tax on savings, nor will there be an increase in existing taxes. 

It is not true that a new presidential plane will be purchased. What is being circulated is the contract for the purchase of the airplane acquired by former President Enrique Peña Nieto, which will be paid for in 2027. Following criticisms concerning the participation of China, Russia, Nicaragua, and Venezuela in the September 16 Independence Day military parade, it was shown that this is not the first time that foreign delegations have participated. This previously occurred during the Felipe Calderón administration.