President López Obrador said that the fact that US ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, declared that 70% of the weapons used by organized crime in the country come from the United States is an act of sincerity and a desire for the issue to be addressed, as previously the subject was not discussed.

The President expressed his satisfaction that the political crisis in Nuevo Leon ended with the return of Samuel Garcia as governor. He indicated that the media had tried to create an image of instability, however, he was confident that everything will return to normal. The President announced that on December 16 he will inaugurate the El Cuchillo II dam.

The Presidency’s Social Communication Coordinator, Jesus Ramirez Cuevas, reported that there is a dialogue underway to set the amount of compensation for the former workers of the Luz y Fuerza del Centro light and power company who were not provided with severance pay or any pension at the time. Close to 7,000 former workers have had their status in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) regularized and are now receiving their pensions and medical attention.

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With the plan to rescue and transform the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), six new hospitals are being built in Coahuila, Jalisco, Tamaulipas, Baja California Sur, Chiapas, and Guerrero. Together, they will benefit more than 6 million people. With respect to job vacancies, 62% have been filled, with 7,212 jobs provided in 28 states.

The IMSS Bienestar health plan has invested over 14.65 billion pesos (US$830 million) in the purchase of medical equipment for health units in 23 states, which has increased their productivity by 46% in specialty consultations, 33% in family medicine consultations, and 20% in childbirths. “We are going to guarantee the right to health to more than 50 million Mexicans who do not have social security,” the President reiterated.

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