President Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed his satisfaction with Lenia Batres having joined the Supreme Court (SCJN) as a justice. He described her as incorruptible, with principles and ideals, and a true defender of justice. “They already calling her the Justice of the People,” he said.

The President reiterated that his administration will continue to attend to migrants. However, he stressed that what would be ideal is that they find job opportunities in their places of origin so that they do not have to leave their hometowns. With this in mind, he called on the U.S. Congress to approve a development plan for the peoples of Latin America. Mexico is committed to the integration of the entire hemisphere, which is why projects such as that of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec are a window for development for Mexicans and Central Americans.

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Minister of Security and Citizen Protection Rosa Icela Rodríguez reported that the investigations into the kidnapping of the 32 migrants in Tamaulipas have already yielded clear evidentiary indications for arresting those responsible.

Tamaulipas Governor Américo Villarreal reported that the 32 migrants (26 Venezuelans and 6 Hondurans) are being attended to by the Migration Institute and the Integral Family Development agency (DIF). He rejected claims that members of the state police had participated in the kidnapping and charged that those spreading such accounts want to discredit the work of the public security institutions. “There is nothing but political moves in the attitude of our adversaries,” López Obrador said.

Public security in Tamaulipas was reinforced with 400 personnel from the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), 60 members of the National Guard and 2 helicopters, for a total of 850 members of federal security forces and 3 helicopters. Since the beginning of López Obrador’s administration, intentional homicide has been reduced 68% in Tamaulipas.

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President López Obrador reported that public security will be reinforced in Tabasco, following the robberies registered in the state. He criticized the media coverage of the issue, charging that it was slanted for propagandistic motives. “The Minister of Defense is already moving on this,” he said.