President Andrés Manuel López Obrador indicated that Judge Reyes Rodríguez of the Federal Electoral Tribunal will propose that the National Electoral Institute (INE) discuss the content of his book “¡Gracias!” with a view to banning the text. “This is an inquisition,” he declared.

The head of the Executive Branch reported that glyphosate will continue to be imported, as long as there is no substitute available that is not harmful to people’s health.

The Mexican Government rescued 34 Mexican nationals who were living in Haiti, in the midst of the conflict and violence in the Caribbean country. For the transfer of the Mexicans, 24 men and 10 women, a special operation was carried out in coordination with the Ministry of the Navy and the Mexican Embassy in Haiti.

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President López Obrador regretted the feminicide of Camila, a young girl, in Taxco, Guerrero, and announced that on Tuesday, April 2, the Security Cabinet will report on the case. The investigation is in the hands of state authorities, but the Federal Attorney General’s Office’s (FGR) intervention cannot be excluded.