President Andrés Manuel López Obrador continues to be the second most popular president worldwide, with a 64% domestic approval rating, according to Morning Consult’s weekly survey.

With nine months to go before the end of his term, the President highlighted that he has fulfilled 98 of the 100 commitments he made at the beginning of his mandate. He also indicated that he has fulfilled other commitments that were not planned from the beginning, such as rescuing the archeological treasures of the Maya culture.

The head of the executive branch announced that the parents of the missing Ayotzinapa students will be able to access all of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) files for three months because his government is not hiding anything. The President also proposed to the family members that experts in file management be hired, even with government money.

The plan to rescue the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has managed to reverse the trend whereby the state-run electric power company was being dismantled. This occurred thanks to an unprecedented public investment of over 9.17 billion dollars for the company’s maintenance and strengthening. “Today Mexico has a truly public company capable of fulfilling its historic mission of bringing energy to the entire country at the lowest possible cost,” said CFE director Manuel Bartlett.

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With the 35 projects developed by the CFE during the current presidential administration, its production capacity will have increased to 54%, however, with the purchase of the 13 Iberdrola power plants, production will expand to 61% by September. Without the rescue plan, the CFE would only produce 16% of the country’s energy. The CFE’s renewable power plants reaffirm the company as the largest clean energy generator in the country.

Electricity rates have not increased beyond inflation, which is a direct support for Mexicans’ family economy. In 2018, CFE’s revenues were half a trillion pesos (US$29.46 billion) and as of today they have increased 40%. The company’s debt has been reduced by almost 19%.

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The Mexican government eliminated the onerous contracts in CFE gas production and transportation. They were renegotiated and they no longer generate losses but rather, significant profits. In 2018 the CFE posted over 30.41 billion pesos (US$1.79 billion) in losses. In 2023, profits of 66.81 million pesos (US$3,94 million) were reported.