President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked the people of Mexico for their support in displaying their confidence and backing him in the face of the dirty campaign promoted by the opposition on social networks.

President López Obrador charged that the conservative block has, in essence, taken the Judicial Branch, the National Electoral Institute (INE), and the Federal Electoral Tribunal (TEPJF) hostage. He said he cannot exercise his freedom of expression and clarified that he is not calling on the population to vote for anyone in particular, but rather is inviting all Mexicans to exercise their right to vote.

The President reported that one of the three Mexican victims of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was rescued alive; the other two remain missing. He indicated that contact has been made with the families of the Mexican nationals to provide them with support.

The Mexican government reports 116 forest fires in different parts of the country, most of them in the State of Mexico. The Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), the National Forestry Commission (Conafor), Civil Protection and state authorities are fighting the fires with close to 6,000 personnel deployed. None of the  fires represents a serious risk for the population.

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In the Who’s Who in Lines segment it was reported that:

-It is untrue that the INE has delivers voter registration cards to Venezuelan citizens. The Return Home agreement, which delivers a credential to Venezuelan nations to assist them with US$110 per month for 8 months, does not involve providing them with a voter registration card. The INE only provides such credentials to Mexican citizens.

-The Ministry of the Interior (Segob) clarified that the weekly Nacional Hour radio program is a plural space that has no political bias, after the National Chamber of the Radio and Television Industry (CIRT) recommended that its affiliates stop broadcasting it.

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-Since January 31, the largest dirty social media campaign ever recorded in any Latin American country has been underway. More than 26 million messages against President López Obrador have been sent. 92 Facebook pages have been identified, created in the last three months, that pay for messages against the federal government. In this endeavor, 1 million pesos (US$60,484) has been spent on advertising content.

The morning presidential press conference will not be held on March 28 and 29.