President Andrés Manuel López Obrador defended virtual president-elect Claudia Sheinbaum from the opposition’s attacks. “Our adversaries, out of machismo, because they don’t know her, think that she can be susceptible to manipulation; that they are going to influence her. They are wrong. Claudia is a woman of convictions, with principles and character,” he declared.

Pillars of the Government of the Fourth Transformation:

-Not allowing corruption.

-Not allowing luxury spending and opulence in government.

-Attending to the neediest and strengthening income from the bottom up.

-Providing support: direct, without intermediaries. The Well-Being Bank distributes 700 billion pesos (US$39.22 billion) in social programs.

President López Obrador announced that his final report to the nation will be delivered on September 1st, at 11 o’clock, in Mexico City’s Zócalo square. He will give an account of everything his administration has accomplished and what he considers most important. He will invite the incoming president of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum, to be present.

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According to the survey in citizen confidence in public institutions of the OECD, conducted in 2023, 54% of the Mexican population expressed high or moderately high trust in President López Obrador’s government. The average was 39%.

The National Reconstruction Program has restored and delivered 92.9% of the 3,269 cultural sites and properties affected by the 2017 earthquakes. This strategy has invested 10.2 billion pesos (US$570 million) and generated more than 56,000 jobs. The Vatican has recognized the Mexican government’s efforts at restoring damaged religious sites.

In the Who’s Who in Lies segment, it was reported that:

-It is not true that the health budget has been reduced to increase the budget of the Ministry of Well-Being. In 2024, the health budget is over 1.02 billion pesos (US$57.42 million), while the Ministry of Well-Being’s budget is 745.8 billion pesos (US$41.79 billion).

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-It is not true that the federal government is persecuting journalists. The Financial Investigation Unit (UIF) investigation is directed at the Latinus consortium for alleged crimes of corruption and operations of illicit origin.

-The income of Supreme Court (SCJN) justices has been revealed; they earn 792,258 pesos (US$44,393) per month.